Biltmore, North Carolina

About The Biltmore
Ever increasing numbers of residents of the Ashville area and visitors to North Carolina visit the breathtakingly beautiful Biltmore Estate, Gardens, and nearby Antler Hill Village each year. George Vanderbilt’s large estate was first completed in 1895, and today serves as an impressive example of gilded-age architecture. The impressively large 250 room Biltmore House is the country's largest privately owned home. The century old home and gardens offer more than 8,000 acres of perfectly manicured landscape. Visitors and those staying on the estate's grounds enjoy a variety of activities, including rafting and horseback riding.

Things To Do And See At The Biltmore

Designed by one of the country's most respected landscape architects, Frederick Law Olmsted, the acres of informal and formal gardens at the Biltmore offer a welcome retreat for visitors to the estate. The impressive gardens of the Biltmore include features, such as the delicately beautiful Italian Garden, first managed forest in America, 2.5 miles of paths, and a rose garden with more 250 types of roses.

Farm in Antler Hill Village
The farm at Antler Village pays homage to the lives of families who once lived on the 8,000 acre estate tending crops, raising livestock, and working on the grounds of the Biltmore Dairy. At one time, the barn was a central part of the everyday life of these families.

Today, the Farm at Antler Village is once again the social and work center that it once was. The farm is alive with woodworkers, blacksmiths, and a shop that offers Appalachian dry goods, crafts, and candy.

The farm is a great place for families to visit. Children enjoy the farm's many animals and turn-of-the-century games. Kids can take a break from all the farmyard fun and enjoy the playground made from logs harvested in Biltmore's managed forest.

Biltmore Winery
For more than 30 years the historic Biltmore has played host to an award-winning winery. Tucked away in the breathtaking expanse of Ashville's Blue Ridge Mountains, the winery features a wine bar with complementary and specialty tastings. The winery, located in the heart of Antler Village, holds the distinction of being America’s most-visited winery.

Tours of the dairy barn turned winery are available. Visitors, who take the tour, uncover a deeper understanding of the Appalachian winery's philosophy and enjoy complimentary tastings of more than 20 of the wineries handcrafted wines.

Outdoor Adventure
Outdoor adventure awaits visitors of the Biltmore and residents of the Ashville area. The Outdoor Adventure Center, located in Antler Hill Village, offers activities that allow visitors to explore the Biltmore's expansive grounds via bike, carriage, land rovers, and trail rides.

Shopping and Dining
A wonderful variety of shopping and dining options are available at the Biltmore and Antler Village. Restaurants and eateries feature farm-to-table seasonal menus and regional award-winning wines. The culinary offerings are matched by the fantastic shopping for unique gifts and fine craft work.

Throughout the year the Biltmore is home to a number of exciting events. From seasonal festivities to wine tastings there is always something to do on the grounds of the estate and the surrounding village.

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